How To: Make simple Fourth of July inspired earrings

Make simple Fourth of July inspired earrings

Celebrate the 4th of July by making holiday earrings. You will need: Round-nose pliers Wire Cutters 8mm round beads: two red, two white, two blue 2 one-inch head pins 4 one-inch eye pins 2 fish hook ear wires First you are going to make an eye pin bead unit by stringing a white bead onto an eye pin. With your wire cutters trim the wire about 1/3 of an inch from the bead. With your round-nose pliers start twisting the end of the wire making a loop. Try to center the loop. With the other white bead and with the red beads repeat step one. Now we are going to make head pin units. Put the blue bead on the head pin. Once again, trim the wire 1/3 away from the bead. With the end of the wire, form a loop as we did in step one. Repeat with the second blue bead. Take one of the ear wires and attach one of the red beads to the loop on it. After attaching, close the loop with your pliers. Open the loop beneath the red bead and attach one of your white beads. Close the loop. Open the loop on your white bead and attach one of your blue beads. Close the loop. Do the same process with the other ear wire. All done. Happy 4th of July!

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