How To: Make simple turquoise hoop earrings

Make simple turquoise hoop earrings

Watch this video to learn how to make simple turquoise hoop earrings. Start by taking some 20-22 gauge wire and wrap it around a soda bottle cap. Overlap the wire a little bit so that it forms a complete circle plus a little extra. Clip the wire off just a little bit past the overlap point. Do this twice so that you can make two earrings. In one end of the wire make a little loop and bend it back just a little. Put the beads that you want on the earring onto the wire loop. Put a slight bend in the other end opposite of the loop that you put in the earring. That bend will allow the earring to hook into the loop that you made earlier. That's all you have to do. It is really easy to make your own earrings.

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