How To: Make a squared-style friendship bracelet

Make a squared-style friendship bracelet

Kiwua demonstrates how to make squares friendship bracelets. There are 3 pink threads on the left, 2 black threads in the middle and another 3 pink on the right. First, you take two from left and make a knot from left to right. Then, with the same threads, another knot from right to left. Now you take the next two, a pink one and a black one and makes a knot from right to left. She repeats this action, the same way. After that, she takes the next two threads and knots them from left to right. She repeats this action. Next step, she makes a knot with the last two threads. She repeats the action. After finishing the row, she puts besides the left and the right threads from the margins, and knots the first two left threads, from right to left, and then another one, from left to right. The next two threads are knot from the left to right twice. With the next black and the pink thread makes a knot, first from left to right and these from right to left. You put back the pink threads from the margins. You repeat the action from the first row, until you reach to the middle pink threads, when you both know with the right black thread, twice. And then the next two pink wires, twice, from left to right. Now, you repeat the action of the second row you made. You can start over, for more squares. Until finishing, make half of a square. After that, you don't have to put besides the margin threads. Just take the first two and knot them from right to left, twice. The next two pairs, knot them from left to right, twice. Next two, the same. Put besides the margins threads. Knot the first two threads from left to right, twice. The same for the next two pairs. You got to the final.

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