How To: Make a squiggle ring

Make a squiggle ring

Mark Nelson shows how to make a very simple ring using a squiggle technique in this video tutorial. You will need 6 inches of 16 gauge silver wire (or whatever type of wire you want to use). You will also need 6 inches of copper wire (16 gauge), which will act as the template. Take the ring sizer and bend the copper wire to make whatever size ring you need. Use clippers to create the template. Use pliers to straighten out this template. Place this template in the middle of your silver wire marking it with a permanent ink marker so that you know what section of the silver wire is the actual ring (so that you do not bend it as part of the design). To make the squiggle design, use pliers and your free hand to shape whatever squiggle or angle design you want to create. Use a steel block to work off of when creating the design. You will repeat this squiggle design on the opposite end of the wire. When done, bring the two squiggle ends together to form the ring.

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