How To: Make sterling silver hoop earrings

Make sterling silver hoop earrings

The video helps us to make sterling silver hoops earrings. It is one the popular style of earrings. These earrings can be made of different sizes, shapes, forms whatever we like. This art and craft work is shown by Natalie.

In this video, we are watching how to make regular 1 inch regular round hoops. Many ear wires can be used. But, commercially these are 20 gauge, fairly thin and some delicate nice hoops can be made by them. Here a 18 gauge ear wire is used. The 18 gauge is little thicker and generally fit most number of people. One needs eyeglasses for protection during metal cutting etc. Now take two sterling silver wires and cut according to your length. At one end foiling should be done using needle foil. The foiling should be done away from your body and in a single direction, not to-and-fro. Now, Scrub the foiled ends of the wire over the sponge. It helps to make the rough edges become soft ones. Now, get a round-nose pliers and make a little loop along the edge of the one of the scrubbed end. Make the loop in another direction along the other scrubbed end. Now, encircle the wires separately along a hard metal making it a complete circle. Now, place the flat side on the hard little block and the loop will be towards up. Take a hammer and give gentle taps along the circumference of opposite side of the loop. The wire started to expand and you can make round with that. Now, bend a little at the edge of other side of loop, using round-nose pliers, so that it can get inserted into the loop. After inserting the bend edge in the loop, a complete round hoop earring can be obtained.

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