How To: Make the traditional arrowhead friendship bracelet

Make the traditional arrowhead friendship bracelet

This video teaches you how to make an arrowhead friendship bracelet. The first step is to pick five colors of string. Then cut 2 pieces of string of each color. All 10 strings should be of the same length. Lay out strings adjacent to each other on the table in this color 1, color 2, color 3, color 4, color 5 and then repeat in the same order. Then knot the strings evenly. Now tape the knot onto a hard surface. Separate the strings into two sections, each section should contain 1 of each color. Start with the left side. Take the two outermost strings, color 1 and color 2. Knot them in the traditional 4 knot (use color 2 as the straight part of the 4 and color 1 as part that looks like a less than sign. Loop color 1 under color 2 as you did a four knot). Then repeat the knot with these two colors. Repeat this process with color 1 and color 3(the 4 knot twice). Repeat again with color 1 and 4. Repeat with color 1 and 5. Now move on to your second section on the right side. Do the same process as the other side. On this side however the 4 knot will be backwards (the less than part of the four is now a greater than sign). Now take both color 1 strings in the center. Tie one normal 4 knot and one backwards four knot. This creates the arrow tip. Repeat until bracelet is of a satisfactory length. A friendship bracelet is a great homemade present to give. If you follow the steps of this video you can make one.

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