How To: Make a vintage style jewelry box with household items

Make a vintage style jewelry box with household items

This video shows how to make a cute vintage looking jewelery box. A cardboard cheese box forms the body of the jewelery box. Other items you will need include mod podge, white glue gesso, masking tape, ribbons, a mirror from a compact, some fabric, and some faux pearls and flowers. Begin my removing the labels from the box. Paint the inside and outside of the walls of the box and the lid. Paint the areas of the box that you just primed with gold metalic paint. Now use the box to trace three circles on your fabric - one for the inside bottom of the box, one for the outside bottom, and one for the inside of the lid. Cut out the circles. Glue the circles of fabric on with mod podge. Use a magazine or book image to cut out a circle for the top of the lid of the box and glue it on with mod podge. Use hot glue to affix ribbon around the side of the box. Decorate the lid with beads, pearls and small fake flowers. Take your compact mirror and glue in the center of the back side of the lid.

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