How To: Make wire-wrapped flower brooches and jewelry

Make wire-wrapped flower brooches and jewelry

Wire wrapping is like the bread and butter of jewelry making. It doesn't matter if you're into vintage inspired, assemblage necklaces or Steampunk pieces - wire wrapping is essntial for securing everything in place and often times is even used as part of the decor.

So check out this jewelry crafting tutorial to learn how to make wire-wrapped flower brooches.

Meet B'sue back in the Messy Workshop and see the bodacious vintage wired brooch she made with colorized and resined vintage style flower power stampings! This technique looks incredible when you bunch them into bouquets and wire together to make brooches, neckpieces and cuffs. Come on in and get started on an enjoyable new jewelry making journey. You just need some simple pliers for the construction methods in this video, a little time, and a bit of practice....and you will come up with more great ideas of your own.

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