How To: Make a woven hemp bracelet

Make a woven hemp bracelet

For anyone interested in hemp and learning how to make a bracelet, follow the steps outlined in this video tutorial. To be able to do this craft project, you will need scissors, a ruler, a bead, and some hemp. Hemp can be bought at any local craft supply store. After you have bought all of your supplies, you will need to cut the hemp that you will be working with. You will need two pieces cut. One piece should be 20 inches, the other should be 10 inches. Take the middle of both strands and tie a knot, making sure the two outside strands are the longer strands (from your 20-inch piece). This knot will be your starting point. To actually make the knots of your hemp bracelet, you will need to tie a series of square knots. To tie a square knot, take the right strand and put it front of the middle two strands and then take the left strand and loop it putting it behind all of them and then pull it through the loop. The bead will be added at the end of the bracelet. Simply string it onto one of the strings and then loop another string through it from the opposite end to secure it in place. To learn how to make your own hemp bracelet, follow the steps in this video tutorial.

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