How To: Make your own kilt pin in minutes

Make your own kilt pin in minutes

First of all you need roll of wire around 1 or 1.25 millimeter thick. Now take the roll of wire and using a round nose pliers bend the wire about 5 cm. now take a flat nose pliers and the hold the ends and bend it round to make a hook. Now taper off the end and then straighten the wire. This shall be the top portion of your pin. Now take round nose pliers and then wrap it in a complete circle and then repeat it two more times. This shall produce three loops and you can also adjust the length of the wire. Now hold the wire on the widest part of your round nose pliers and then wrap the wire around it. Then you have to make shepherd hook shape on the wire as shown. Now put it on a flat surface to make sure if it is ok. Now trim the end of it and then straighten it out. Now insert the pin into the loop. Then you can also make bent metal charms and attach to this pin. That's it.

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