How To: Master the skinner blend method in 4 minutes

Master the skinner blend method in 4 minutes

First of all take two pieces of FIMO- one white and the other red color. Now roll them flat on the table into rectangles. Now cut triangles out of them and then join together to form a rectangle which has more white than blue color. Now use a rolling pin to flatten their surfaces. Use a ruler to lift them off the table top. Now fold it in half and roll it again in the same direction. Don't roll it too hard. Now keep rolling and folding in the same way. Now when you go thinner while rolling it, the color starts blending much better. Continue the rolling and folding in the same way. You shall notice that the blue color is being absorbed by the white color. The white color shall become translucent. You have to do it thirty times. Now trim off the edges and roll again. Now lift it of the table and then roll it from the darker ends to the other one. Now rolling it and then roll it over the table with your hands. Now cut off a fine edge from the side. You shall notice very beautiful stripe that you can use. That's it.

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