How To: Measure stones, bezels, and mounts with brass measuring calipers

Measure stones, bezels, and mounts with brass measuring calipers

If your idea of jewelry making is simply strining on glass beads and vintage knick knacks onto a string and then adding a clasp, then you have some serious learning to do. While in the end creativity trumps all, it's important for many intricate projects that you calculate exactly how much of one particular stone or filigree stamp you need. And in order to do that, you must measure them.

In this video you'll learn how to use a simple brass measuring calipers or gauge to measure stones, bezels, mounts and cameos. This is so simple, but it's really so much better to demonstrate the technique than try and tell you. You'll come away from this ten minute video a pro, ready to grab your measuring tool and measure away.....and you'll be ready to size the mounts and stones you need for repairs and projects. Here's another simple rule of thumb....25mm is an inch, 50 is two; 75 is 3 12.5-13mm is a half inch and 37mm is about an inch and a half.

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