How To: Select an appropriate glue for collage jewelry

Select an appropriate glue for collage jewelry

When it comes to making collage jewelry - i.e., jewelry that's an assemblage of tons of bits and pieces - the type of glue you use is essntial to everything sticking together and not falling off into your cocktail at your holiday party.

So if you're thinking about making a vintage collage necklace, check out this jewelry crafting video to learn what kind of glue works best.

In this video, you'll find B'sue back in the messy workshop explaining the pro's and cons of the different glues that may be used to create collage jewelry in the effusive 'glitz' style with brass stampings, rhinestones and even found items. B'sue has made literally thousands of pieces during her artistic journey, and will share some of the pieces that initially piqued her interest along with some simple techniques.

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