How To: Thread a blade in a saw frame

Thread a blade in a saw frame

In this how-to video you will learn how to thread a saw blade in a saw frame. Some saw frames are static and some are adjustable. The top part of the saw blade will be attached first, followed by the bottom using tension. Take the top of the saw and put it against the bench pin. A notch can be made so that the saw frame does not go anywhere. Place the frame against your shoulder and take the saw blade. Make sure that the teeth of the blade are facing down and out. Open it up and place the edge of the saw blade between the piece of metal and the edge of the frame. Check to make sure that the teeth are in the right side. Open up the other nut and place the blade inside. Push with your shoulder into the saw frame, which will squeeze it. Tighten the nut. You should hear a high ping while plucking the blade. Do this until you get a really high ping. By viewing this video you will be able to thread a blade in a saw frame properly and efficiently, getting you ready to work on your project that much faster.

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