How To: Thread with soft flex wire for jewelry

Thread with soft flex wire for jewelry

Though jewelry making can be meticulous and dependent on dexterity, using the right wire makes the whole process easier and faster. Wire necklaces and bracelets are simple when using the soft flexible wire, or soft flex. This demonstration video will help walk you through the process of this threading with soft flex.

Soft Flex is an excellent medium for making beaded jewelery, and also one of the easiest to work with. All you need to do is slide the beads on in a creative pattern and you won't need to worry about wire wrapped connections. Soft Flex doesn't kink or split at the ends like Tiger Tail, its cheaper cousin, thanks to a coating that protects and softens the surface of the underlying metal.

After you're satisfied with the beads you've threaded onto the Soft Flex, it's a matter of deciding how you want to finish the connections on either end so the accessory can be closed and reopened. No matter what you decide to do, it will probably involve a ring and a crimping bead, so that you can attach a Lobster Claw or Clam Shell.

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