How To: Tie a leather knot end for jewelry

Tie a leather knot end for jewelry

One of the hardest parts about jewelry making is the knot-tying. It's an intricate process, much like jewelry making in general, which is meticulous and dexterous. Working with leather is also more difficult because of it's thickness and un-malleable contour. This demonstration video will help walk you through the process of tying a knot end with leather.

Finishing a leather necklace or bracelet with a knotted end is quite simple, but it produces a rustic and natural aesthetic that can be just what your accessory calls for. Our example uses a Thin Round Leather Strand and a 5mm Soldered Ring

Performing the Leather Knot End:

Slide the leather strand through the ring, and then fold a length of it back with the rest of the leather. Don't be afraid to give yourself a generous amount of slack to work with, because you'll always be able to trim the excess. Now, making sure to keep the two side-by-side strands of leather close to each other, form a loop and slide the ring through it. Do not finish the knot immediately; take your time and edge the knot as close to the ring as possible. If you do this when the knot is still a little bit loose than you will still have room to make adjustments- once you finish the knot tightly it will be difficult to undo. Finally, when you're satisfied that the knot is neat and looks good, pull it taught to secure the ring. Finished!

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