How To: Tie a pretzel knot for hemp jewelry

Tie a pretzel knot for hemp jewelry

In this video we learn how to tie a pretzel knot for hemp jewelry. First, making a loop with the chords in your right hand and place them over the left chords. Hold the loose ends on the right side and take the chords from the left hand. Go over the right chords and then up through the top. Then go over the loop under the left side of the loop pulling the chords up. What you get here will look kind of like a mouse, so you will need to get the first color on the outside. Then, slide this up and tighten it and it will shrink into the pretzel shape.

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Easy to follow. Two colors on black background is perfect ... Except background is textured so sometimes camera refocuses on background and does not focus on knot. Easy to fix and doesn't interfere much.

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