How To: Tint brass findings and stampings with Gilder's Paste

Tint brass findings and stampings with Gilder's Paste

Jewelry made with untreated brass findings and stampings looks just fine, but if you're going for an impressive, interesting piece that stands out and shows personality, then Gilder's Paste is where it's at. Gilder's Paste comes in a large variety of colors and is used to color brass jewelry pieces.

Take a gander at this video to learn how to u se Gilder's Paste to colorize raw, plated and painted brass stampings to give them a unique designer look all your own. Gilder's Paste can also be used with wood, plastic, even polymer clay to make crazy-cool unique looks that will put your designs ahead of the rest. This week B'sue discusses making Gilder's Paste into a paint and using it to paint filigree in a more effective way and also the possibility of colorizing jewelry chain with it.

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