How To: Tint brass stampings using Gilder's Paste

Tint brass stampings using Gilder's Paste

Gilder's Paste is what distinguishes a so-so piece of jewelry from a truly dazzling, memorable one. That's because Gilder's Paste, which comes in a wide variety of colors and tints, is a type of colorant for brass that can be mixed and applied for a unique look.

Gilder's Paste is a unique colorizing agent that you can use over raw, painted or plated brass stampings or findings to give them your own designer look. It can be pale or deep, an accent or a cover....the fun is in the experimentation. Gilder's Paste is usually applied over brass with a soft buff rag in a circular motion; but you can thin it with paint thinner and actually paint with it, or brush it. It has the consistency of shoe polish and a little 1.5 ounce can covers 30 square feet....meaning a little goes a very long way.

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