How To: Use Amaco bead rollers

Use Amaco bead rollers

Our instructor will choose set 2, 6 and 8 to show you what the company offers. On the wrappers are pictures of the types of beads possible with each set. She will create from set 2 today, which makes oval beads. Inside of the packages, such as this package which holds set 2 are several items. First is the thin metal pins or rods that can go into the baking oven with the polymer clay molded around them. Next, two pieces for the mold, a bottom and top that fit together with grooves. There are also printed instructions. The directions tell you how much clay to use, and where to press the clay into each mold. You will want a ruler to help you measure. You will use a cutting tool to cut it. Make a ball and then shape this into an oval. Close your shaped bead into the mold which has a tiny groove for sliding the long slender pin into it. She has used her pasta machine and a small cookie cutter to help herself measure her beads. She knows to roll out the clay on her pasta machine at a certain setting. For stripes she adds a very thin strip of clay in an alternate color. By watching this video you can complete the lovely striped oval bead just as she shows you at the beginning frame of the video, and even other styles with these basic instructions and be prepared to use the Amaco bead roller the right way.

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