How To: Use a bead reamer to smooth sharp edges on a bead

Use a bead reamer to smooth sharp edges on a bead

This video teaches us to use a bead reamer to smoothen sharp edges on a bead. You need a reamer, some water and the reaming tips. We need the large tip for enlarging and smoothening the holes and a 45 degree edging point for smoothening the edges of the hole. Twist the handle of the reamer and insert the tip in it. Take the bead and the reamer with the large tip & dip it into water periodically during the procedure so that the water acts as a lubricant. Begin filing the inside of the bead hole until it feels smooth. Do not put the reamer in the hole to the point it becomes tight as the bead can break. After the hole is smoothened, take the 45 degree edging point and file the edges of the holes. Do this till the edges are smoothened. Remember to dip it into water periodically. You can also use a waterproof sandpaper for this purpose. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the bead. This completes the task.

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