How To: Use crimping pliers

Use crimping pliers

In this video arsbeadsvideos instructs you on the use of crimping pliers, crimp tubes and how to use crimp covers. Make sure you use jewelry wire that is fine enough to fit through the holes in your jewelry. On your crimping pliers you'll notice there are two notches, also called stations. The first notch is furthest from tip of the pliers and has a raised bump or dimple in the middle. This helps to created figure-eight crimps. The second notch is used to form the crimp into a tube shape. To start, take the crimp tube, slide it on the end of the wire, then add a small metal ring (the jump ring). Take the end of the wire and insert it back through the crimp tube. Push the crimp tube up to the jump ring, ensuring there is enough space for the jump ring to still move. Place the wire onto your first notch in the pliers. Make sure the two wires in the tube are laying flat against the pliers with no overlay. Close the pliers, still keeping the wires separated on either side of the dimple. Do not squeeze too hard, this is called "using a death grip" and it weakens the crimp. The crimp tube should now be "U" shaped. Now place the crimp tube on the second notch of the pliers. Place it so the U shape of the crimp tube will be closed by the pliers. Give it a good squeeze then use your nipper tool to remove the excess wire. For a more professional look, add a crimp cover to cover the crimp tube. A crimp cover looks like a small metal bead. Use chain nose pliers to open the crimp cover just enough to be able to slide it on. Once in place put the crimp cover on the second notch of your pliers and close it around the tubing. Now string your beads! Once you come to the end, add another jump ring. When crimping the second end, make sure the crimp tube is close to the beads, leaving just enough room for them to move around a bit. Repeat the same process that you used to start the wire and don't forget to finish with a crimp cover.

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