How To: Use molding UV resin to make jewelry

Use molding UV resin to make jewelry

She begins by taking something she has molded with Amazing Mold Putty. She uses Magic Gloss resin which cures with UV light to fill the silicon mold and sprinkles some glitter onto the resin. She emphasizes that she's doing this indoors, because the resin will harden when exposed to light. She takes it outside to cure in the sunshine and says it will take about 15 minutes to cure. When it's done, she rolls a ball of Pardo clay. She pops the molded piece out. She presses the molded resin piece onto the clay so some clay pops out of the middle of the flower shape and puts a crystal in the middle, and spreads the clay out onto the back of the flower shape. To make the molded piece shiny, she spreads a little Magic Gloss onto it and lets that dry in the sun. This instructional video explains how Magic Gloss resin is used.

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