How To: Wire wrap beads, crystals, and stones for beginners

Wire wrap beads, crystals, and stones for beginners

Learning how to wire wrap jewelry is one of the most important skills you need to learn on your way to achieving jewelry making enlightenment. Wrapping with wire, whether it's attaching a stone to a pendant with an intricate, flowery wrap or adding a head pin to a crystal, allows you to attach adornments to your necklace or earring, something you'll be doing over and over again as a jewelry maker.

So watch this video for a beginner's guide on how to wire wrap beads, stones, briolettes and crystals using wire and head pins. These are basic methods that will garner you beautiful results, especially if you commit yourself to practicing these skills daily.

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FINALLY, someone has shown me how to wire wrap. I've read many how to books on this subject and looked at photos and videos until I am bleary eyed and simply just couldn't do it...sometimes, the

easiest way to do something is to use simple words and motions instead of technical terms to teach someone HOW to learn or make something. I wish I had you for an algebra teacher, maybe then 40 years later, I wouldn't freak out when someone mentions that horrible "A" word..."ALGEBRA"! Thanks for making a clear & concise video, Karen Sorey

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