How To: Make a hemp bracelet

Make a hemp bracelet

The Hempdiaries believes that you too can create a bracelet using hemp and jewelry accessories. The narrator first begins by showing you what the two mandatory materials you will need which are hemp and a dowel rod. To begin he shows you how set the dowel rod between your knees to provide a foundation for the string and then an arms length of two pieces of string folded in half. Tying the string around the dowel rod he shows you how to begin the flat pattern for the hemp bracelet and that this pattern should be repeated for the length that you need. He further explains that you can decorate your bracelet using jewelry accessories by passing the two middle strands of string through the desired jewelry piece. When nearing completion of the bracelet the author shows you how to tie off the bracelet and to remove it from the dowel rod in order to prepare it for wear. So if you're curious of how to get your start on making hemp bracelets and eventually necklaces plus anklets then this video is a must see!

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