How To: Turn old watch faces into a bracelet

Turn old watch faces into a bracelet

Turn old watch faces into appealing bracelets by using an eco-friendly recycling technique.
You Will Need
* A jeweler's pliers
* Four jump rings
* Several used watch faces
* 3/8-inch-wide velvet ribbon
* Scissors
* Two choker clasps
* A lobster clasp
* A needle and thread (optional)

Step 1: Attach jump ring
Use the pliers to attach a jump ring to each end of the watch faces.

Step 2: Measure ribbon
Measure a piece of ribbon by wrapping it around your wrist and adding two inches, and then cut it in half.

Step 3: Attach choker clasp
Fold the edge of one ribbon over and attach a choker clasp to it. Squeeze the clasp into place with the pliers.

Step 4: Attach clasp to other ribbon
Attach a choker clasp to the other piece of ribbon.

Step 5: Attach lobster clasp
Open the jump ring with pliers and slide the lobster clasp onto the ring. Attach one ring to one end of the choker clasp on each side.

Fold the end of the ribbon over twice to create a clean edge and stitch it securely in place. This will even out the edges, giving it a cleaner look.

Step 6: String ribbon through each watch face
String the free end of each ribbon through the jump rings on each side of each watch face.

Fact: Annual aluminum can recycling across the U.S. saves enough energy to light a city the size of Washington, D.C., for 3.7 years.

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