How To: Create a striped cane in 5 minutes

Create a striped cane in 5 minutes

Fimo expert Corinne Bradd and Emma Ward with The Crafts Channel and magazine Craft Beautiful demonstrate how to create a striped cane in 5 minutes. To create the stripes, cut out rectangles of black and white clay and stack them in alternating colors. Then, roll out a cane in a nice, bright color so that it matches the length of the stacked clay rectangle. Then, cut the rectangle into slices. Then, press the rectangle stripes onto the bright cane so that it completely wraps the cane. Squeeze the clay to get rid of any air bubbles. Roll out the cane and wrap it in another bright color. Then, roll it smooth and press up the ends. Finally, with a sharp blade, cut the cane into rounds. Your rounds are now ready to be used in your craft projects.

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