How To: Make a jewelry organizer for less than $3.00

Make a jewelry organizer for less than $3.00

Making a jewelry organizer is a fun and easy project to do! Orielle Hopkins, the Money Smart Mom, gives tips on making a great organizer for a minimal amount of money. Make a trip to your local craft store and search for a bead organizer with enough compartments to store your jewelry. If you have a lot of jewelry you may need to buy more than one organizer. Select adhesive backed felt in your favorite color for your project. Measure each compartment in the bead organizer and cut squares of felt to match each section. Place the felt in the square and use your ruler to press the felt securely in each section. You may use the bead box without felt if you prefer. Place the jewelry you wear the most in the first box. Fill the remaining boxes with jewelry you do not wear as frequently. You now have your jewelry easily accessible for very little cost.

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