How To: Make a small jewelry box out of old Christmas cards

Make a small jewelry box out of old Christmas cards

This video shows us how to make a homemade jewellery box out of a Christmas card.For that you need a pair of scissors,a tape,a christmas card,a marker and another card to draw your X with.First take the card and cut it straight down the middle into two pieces.Now take the back side piece of the card and cut off 1/4 of an inch from the left and the bottom portions.This will help to fit the cards together.Next use the extra card and trace an X on both sides of your card piece,in the middle.Take the front piece and draw an X on the inside portion.Now fold the edges of your to the center of your X,width and height wise.Repeat this folding procedure on the other half also.Next make 8 cuts,4 on each card half,into where the fold lines meet.Now take the halves one by one and fold it all together and tape the 2 sides on each box half and the put it together.Put the two halves together and your christmas card jewellery box is ready!

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