How To: Make a pair of textured metal earrings

Make a pair of textured metal earrings

To begin take a 28 gauge copper sheet and cut out a pattern that you wish your earrings to be. Your pattern can be any shape that you wish. Cut out both earrings. Next sand your two earrings so that a texture will begin to arise on the copper sheet. Then you can color the copper with colored pencils to add the colors that you would like. Now with a break machine feed the copper sheet into the break in order to form the texture on the earrings. Then take a pair of pliers and exaggerate your pattern by pinching some of the texture together in at the top of the earrings. Then to place a hole in the earrings in order to add the ear wire use a drill to drill a hole in the center of the top of the earrings. The put the ear wire in through the whole and close it off. To finish your earrings off you can use your pliers or some sand paper to finish the edges by either bending them back or sanding them down.

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