How To: Make a beaded bracelet on a cardboard box loom

Make a beaded bracelet on a cardboard box loom

You can make beautiful beaded bracelets without much monetary investment at all; in fact, all you need are pretty beads, string, and a cardboard box. You don't even need to tweak the cardboard box at all - just take off the lid and start using it as a makeshift loom! So cheap, so easy, and with such great results.

Take a gander at this jewelry making video to learn how to produce a bracelet on a cardboard loom.

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very good idea. I thought it could be done but have not yet tried beadlooming.

great idea. just goes to show you really don't have to always have the best tools and equipment. make do with what you have. good job on video.

I love the Peruvian bracelet but you waste time anchoring it to a box that slides. Wouldn't it be better to anchor it with a "T" pin on a styrafoam slat? Then you would not have to constantly push the box sway from you. Keep up the good work; I hope I can do as well.

looks interesting. All you need is some things from around the house and a few arts and craft supplies. Neat!

Well done

I think with a little imagination and some items around your home you can create just about anything. I think you did a great job.

this has really help me. I even like your pattern of colour.
I,m new to this and now i know how to get strated.. froglover

I've tried this a few times and it keeps getting messed up before I even finish one row. I am using cotton embroidery thread which I know isn't the best choice but I don't have anything else immediately at hand. What thread is the optimum kind to use? Also how small are your beads, I sometimes have difficulty getting mine through the smallest needle in a packet of needles.

I would use a beading thread as they are very strong. and you can get them in many colours to tone in with the beads you use.

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