How To: Make a simple daisy necklace

Make a simple daisy necklace

To make a daisy chain beaded necklace you must get three different bead colors, two that are size eleven and one that is size four. The size eleven beads are for the stems and the outer part of the flower, while the size four beads are for the inside of the flowers. You will also need nylon thread and a clasp, such as a magnetic clasp. First slide the clasp on first and connect it to the thread. Next follow the following pattern for the beads, 8 for the stem (size 11), 6 for the outer petals (size 11), 1 for the inside of the flower (size 4 mm), then 4 for the other side of the petal. Follow this pattern until the end of the necklace. To form a flower first put on the 8 beads for the stems then put 6 beads on of the petal beads and the 1 bead for the inside of the flower, next when you put the final 4 petal beads on string your thread through the last petal bead from the previous group of 6 then continue with your stems. When finished thread the string back through your clasp and tie and cut off the excess string.

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