How To: Make a pair of two teared crystal drop earrings

Make a pair of two teared crystal drop earrings

TheCreativeJeweler teaches you how to create a pair of two teared crystal drop earrings using findings, headpins (can be any type you want, or if you want to make your own) and crystals. You take your headpin and put a 6mm Swarovski crystal bead, a 3mm silver bead, a 4mm Swarovski crystal bead, and a 2mmm silver bead in sequential order. Take your flatnose and flush 90 degrees over the top of it (gives you more space to wrap wire and some more pattern). Using the same technique, make a loop. With the flatnose, wrap the tail all the way around. Using your finger, push the wire around and around the open area (make it even). Cut the excess wire off in the end and use your flatnose to smooth it out. Take your finding, open it up, string your piece on, and clean it up. Repeat, and you'll have a pair of earrings you can wear for yourself, give it to a friend/ girlfriend/ family, etc.!

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